Freelance Copywriting Service

A friendly, freelance copywriting service to help you consistently achieve better results while saving time and money

People are bombarded with so much information in their daily lives. Your written communications need to work harder to cut through the noise, to engage, inspire and persuade. Turning a casual reader into a potential client, or paying customer.

My copywriting service gives you more targeted communications that connect directly with your ideal audience, without losing your company’s ‘voice’ and personality. Helping you to get the outcome you want. Whether that’s better qualified enquiries, more sales, sign-ups or donations.

What a freelance copywriter like me can do for you

Keeping your marketing message fresh as your business grows or evolves is tricky. Whether you can write well or not, writing can be a bit like herding cats – time consuming and often frustrating.

I help you save time and money.

While you get to generate more leads or sales. All while doing what you do best, running your business.

Get Great Copy

Whatever your situation, I give you great copy that connects, motivates and persuades your reader, on or offline. Getting you more of the results you want.

And Flexibility

I can act as your sole copywriter, in partnership with other disciplines such as graphic designers or web developers. Or I can join your existing writing team if you need an extra pair of hands for the duration of a project.

For Whatever Content You Need

I’m pretty adaptable and can write pretty much anything, as my portfolio shows

But I’m particularly good at:

  • Website Content Writing – writing new content or refreshing existing text
  • Lead Magnets (aka the ‘enticing freebie’) - helping you build your email list with minimal effort
  • Email Welcome Series Text - to consolidate your relationship with potential clients
  • Digital Sign-up Pages - featuring strong calls to action to encourage readers to click through or sign-up
  • Content Editing – a cost-effective way to optimise existing text, boosting your message to make it more appealing, and get better results

My Monday night class which normally struggles with numbers - maybe 3 or 4 people tops.... well its now FULLY BOOKED and has a waiting list of 6! That’s unheard of!

- Faye Brownjohn, Fitness Instructor and Owner of Pole Train; service used: website writing, lead magnet creation and email sequencing production

A Freelance Copywriting Service for established entrepreneurs, SMEs, and third-sector organisations

Are we a good match?

I’m adaptable and have written for companies in sectors such as fitness, personal development, recruitment, property, and transportation. Topics I have a personal interest in include the environment, health and well-being, leisure, not-for-profit, and education. See what some of my lovely clients have said about me here.

There are some sectors I won’t write for, such as gambling, alcohol and tobacco, and adult services. If your company falls into one of these industries, then we won’t be a good match.

Ready to better connect with your audience?

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