CV Writing FAQs

CV Writing - Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Blue Fox's CV Writing Expert?

Having been on the other side of the desk, I have excellent insight as to what employers look for.

With recruitment experience, plus strong copywriting skills, I provide you with a well-written, targeted CV that emphasises your unique professional value and increases your perceived worth.

I’ve authored CVs for clients at different stages of their career from graduate to executive, across diverse industries. I’ve worked directly with clients and via high-profile CV writing companies. And I hold an excellent conversion rate of clients being shortlisted for interview after they've submitted their new CV.

 My CV writing expert credentials include:

  • 700+ CVs written over the past seven years, with many happy clients
  • Experience in writing winning CVs from graduate to executive in all manner of industries, that have opened doors for clients who have given me outstanding feedback
  • 10 years’ HR experience, corporate and third-sector, with experience in leading recruitment campaigns, shortlisting applications and interviewing candidates, plus a certificate in Personnel Practice
  • An experienced copywriter with a copywriting diploma, who conveys your results in a measurable way and who engages your reader with professional formatting and well-structured information that flows

Do you outsource your work?

I personally work with all clients directly. That’s the only way I can guarantee quality output.*

Some CV companies rely on a bank of contracted writers and you never know who will be writing your documents. That's never the case at Blue Fox CV Writing. Working directly with a CV consultant such as myself gives you the confidence that you’re getting full, undivided attention.

By taking the time to fully understand your career history, experience and goals, I can really shape your document to reflect your unique set of skills, matching them to those of your ideal job or industry.

*To give you the very best service, I work with trusted specialists, primarily LinkedIn optimisers, to support any LinkedIn profile enhancement requests and occasional writing support during busy periods. I do guarantee however, that I produce all finished CVs for clients.

How long will it take to get my completed CV?

From our initial consultation, and receipt of a completed questionnaire, you’ll usually receive your new CV within three working days or sooner. This does depend on my schedule however; I will give you an estimated deadline once I begin work for you. Any amendments needed will be made within two working days of requests.

  • Place your order, pay a deposit to guarantee time in my diary, and you’ll receive a questionnaire regarding your career to date
  • You return the questionnaire or an existing CV if you have one, plus any related documents such as job descriptions or target job adverts
  • I review all information sent. If needed, we’ll have a chat via telephone to make sure I fully understand your career history, goals, achievements and any challenges you may have such as wanting to change career
  • We’ll create a list of your accomplishments which I’ll tailor to your targeted role or audience, quantified to demonstrate how you performed. This works much better than just showing what you did
  • Once I have the necessary information, I'll research your industry / target job role and write your new CV to represent you in the best way to match your audience and reflect the value you can offer
  • You'll receive your final document in MS Word and PDF format via email, along with an essential covering letter guide

Your CV is your key marketing document that will open doors for interviews and help you get onto, or step up, the career ladder. You need to be comfortable with it, so I will refine the document and offer two rounds of revisions within a month (please note that these amendments don’t include adding on future job responsibilities or new roles – more on that later).

 How Blue Fox's CV Writing Service Works

Do we really need to have an in-depth conversation?

For the service to work and for you to receive the best results possible, we'll need to work together. This means you need to provide all required information and reply to correspondence in a timely way.

If you’d prefer to work via email to answer any questions then that’s not a problem. I do find that a call, even a brief one, helps me to get to know you a little better and get the key information I need, leading to a more personalised CV.

Can I have my CV updated with new achievements or a new role? Or tailored to suit a different job ad I've seen?

Yes! CVs are kept on file for a set period of time*, so it's usually not a problem to make changes.

It’s human nature to quickly forget the detail of a great appraisal review, or the key numbers of a new sales target reached. That’s why it’s good practice to keep your CV updated, including any new information as soon as possible. That way, you always have an up to date CV to send out should you need to.

As an existing customer, I’ll update your CV with any new achievements or key information changes**, free of charge for six months from the date you receive your new CV. Further amendments can be made after this point for £35 per request. Should you need to tailor your CV to a new target role, then contact me directly and I’ll be happy to provide you with a new price.

*CVs are kept for two years before being disposed of, in line with Blue Fox's data protection policy.

**This doesn't include tailoring your CV to suit a new career / job ad.

I can get a CV written for £35 or less elsewhere, why should I pay your fees?

You have plenty of choice when it comes to selecting a CV writing company. But something to bear in mind is that the companies with cheaper rates often use staff writers on minimum wage or outsource to writers at per piece rate. And they rarely offer in-depth consultation. So you might be lucky and get a good writer, or you may find your CV is poorly written and rushed. How can they create a truly personalised CV without knowing more about you?

To get results, a good CV consultant will take the time to get to know you and tailor the process to suit your personal requirements.

Because of this, I'll work with you to understand your career goals, aspirations and achievements so far; you’ll be asked the right questions that draw out relevant information such as your key skills and discover your uniqueness – and ultimately the value you can offer an employer. You probably won’t get this level of service from a standard CV writing agency.

What happens if I don’t like what you’ve written?

I take quality very seriously. After all, my reputation as a CV writing expert depends on it.

We’ll have a further chat to find out what it is you don’t like and we can decide on a course of action. Often a different layout or changing of some words is all it takes. As long as you come back to me within 14 days of receiving your CV to discuss potential changes, I offer two full sets of revisions within a month of you contacting me. This should provide you with the best CV for your situation.

Sounds great! How do I order my CV?

Fantastic! Send me an email at CV[at] to book your time in my diary, and we'll take it from there.

Looking forward to working with you!