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The 5 fears fuelling your writer’s block

writers block

Last updated: 07/04/2016

Are you suffering writer’s block?

Getting words onto paper should be easy. But it’s not always that simple. Thoughts randomly pop into my head throughout the day – ideas that are the seed for fantastic blog posts, web content, stories even. Yet when I sit down to write, I find myself staring at a blank screen, fingers hovering above the keyboard waiting for inspiration to strike. Come on, I will my brain; you were having a literary carnival not two hours ago. What happened to the words?!

I stumbled across a post at copyblogger – a site that’s been invaluable to me during my copywriting journey. I had a lightbulb moment. Maybe it wasn’t the words that were the issue, but my FEAR of what would happen if I wrote them down?

Personally, I don’t believe in writer’s block. I do however think there are reasons why people struggle with writing, reasons personal to each one of us. And I reckon a dose of fear may be one of them.

The 5 fears stopping you from writing

I’ve distilled the five fears that copyblogger talks about below in an infographic alongside some great tips to combat that nasty four-letter word.

I hope it helps you next time you put pen to paper and find yourself wondering why those words just don’t want to put in an appearance.

the 5 fears fuelling your writer's block

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