Wonderful Web Writing

Attract and nurture more of your dream clients through your website

without spending many frustrating hours trying to write perfectly captivating words

Website copywriting for your service-based business

Because you want your website to truly show who you are, what you do and who you help

And feel confident that your website is welcoming and inspiring the perfect people for you

Plus you also want:

heart-full-smallTo feel proud of sending visitors to your site

heart-full-smallTo increase your credibility and sound more persuasive

heart-full-smallAnd get peace of mind that your pages are infused with words true to your vision


When your message is super-targeted and you speak only to your ideal client, you automatically filter out time-wasters or those who aren’t a good fit




Get sparkling new content for your key web pages to attract dreamier clients without the hassle and overwhelm of writing it all yourself

Introducing the Wonderful Web Writing Bundle

Website copywriting for heart-centred practitioners


The Wonderful Web Writing Bundle is for heart-centred business owners who love helping clients to make a positive change, but who struggle to express the true value of what they do on their website.


It’s for the soulful entrepreneur who'd rather spend time doing the work they love. Instead of staring at a blinking cursor wondering why it’s so tricky to get those beautiful ideas on screen.


And the holistic business owner who enjoys writing but doesn't have the time to draft that much needed website content to reach new audiences.


Wonderful Web Writing gives you that business essential – clear and powerful website words that helps you get more enquiries from ideal clients. Work with me and I’ll highlight your unique value in a way that appeals to your visitors and persuades them to take action.





Get spirited yet heart-centred website copy that gently persuades your dream clients to say yes to working with you. Without the icky-ness.

And, I'll even help you get clarity on your one-line brand message so you never need to get tongue-tied when telling people what you do.




Why can't I do this myself?

Sarah Norris, soulful copywriter
Sarah, Copywriter and Web Wordsmith
You can! But we're not all blessed with the same talents. Luckily. Or the world would be a boring place. It’s not your job to know exactly what to write on your website. That’s mine. And I’d love to help you get better quality enquiries and bookings.

I do this by weaving together pleasing words that shine a light on your unique gift and the impact you make on people’s lives.

Your new content distils your vision and value into captivating words that persuade visitors you’re the one to work with.




I’d be honoured to rewrite your web pages for you and help shout your amazingness from the rooftops!

(Or whisper it sweetly if that’s more your style)



Here's what the Wonderful Web Writing Bundle gives you:

5 of your key web pages completely rewritten for you including:


Heart-felt Home page that grabs the right reader's attention and gets them clicking through


Delightful About page that captures the essence of your vision and your story


Irresistible Work with me page that speaks to those you most want to serve


Plus 2 more web pages of your choice*


***  Bonus***

Catchy Contact page (value £99)

Tempted to bung in a contact form on your site and hope for the best?

Get a lovely contact page that positively encourages visitors to connect with you

I’ll plan this page for you and make suggestions of extras you can add to make it pop


Personal Brand Statement (Invaluable)

Want to tell people what you do to immediately position yourself as an expert without sounding salesy? Your Wonderful Web Writing Bundle uncovers your one-line personal brand statement.

Use it wherever you need to tell others what you do in a nutshell. In your guest blogging author bio, your social media profile, at networking events and even your business card. Never be tongue-tied again when someone asks 'what do you do?'


 Your investment for all this? Just £649

Want to work with me?


Ever heard the phrase: Do the same thing, get the same results?

Staying with the same website words that aren't doing anything for you now won't get you the dream clients you deserve


You've got so much to offer. Now it's time to let the world know your unique brand of giving

Ready to turn those beautiful ideas into real action?




Here's what's going to happen when you click that button:

heart-full-smallYou'll book a time for our Skype call and make a 15% deposit upfront to reserve your spot. I work intensively on your website and offer limited website copywriting slots per month to ensure you get my full attention.

heart-full-smallYou'll receive a lovely workbook full of mindful questions that helps me clarify the delicious details needed to craft those wonderful words. Complete it before our Skype session as we’ll use it for the basis of our conversation.

heart-full-smallDuring our 1 hr 30-minute call we'll tease out the finer details and clarify answers from your workbook. Have a freshly brewed tea to hand. This is your chance to tell me exactly what you want on your site and I want you to feel comfortable!

heart-full-smallI'll incubate all I’ve learned and craft the best words for your web pages to help get the results you want. You receive your lovely new words within 21 working days in a Word document which you should check and approve.

heart-full-smallSimply copy and paste into your website. If you do need edits, no problem. Things are rarely perfect first time so I offer two rounds of revision within 30 days.


Connect with your dream client and get more lovely leads





What you’ll get from the Wonderful Web Writing Bundle

ticksmallSparkling new content for your Home, About and Work with me and Contact pages, plus 2 other pages of your choice* saving you time and taking away the hassle of writing them yourself. (*not including pure sales pages)

ticksmallDelivered within 21 working days ready for you to simply copy and paste into your website; it couldn’t be easier

ticksmallA new personal brand message that quickly and uniquely shows what you do and for whom. Never be tongue-tied again when asked 'what do you do?'

ticksmallTwo sets of revisions should you need them, giving you peace of mind that your words are right for you

ticksmallThe option to add more pages as part of your package giving you flexibility


Your investment? Just £649 for 5 pages

Your return in better quality enquiries and a website to be proud of? Priceless


Want more pages? No problem.

Get content for 7 pages. Your investment is just £829


Sarah reviewed my recruitment site and delivered a comprehensive report giving me some great ideas to help shape and strengthen my existing content to meet the needs of my target market. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah's review service to other professionals.

John Rose, Resourceful.In UK


I’m ready to invest in web content that gets more enquiries from the right people

website copywriting for small businesses

website copywriting for small businesses


Is it for me?

The Wonderful Web Writing Bundle is the ‘one’ for you if you’re a service-based business owner who:

Is launching your business and getting your website going.

  • You know what you want to say but keep getting tongue-tied and hitting that delete button
  • You’d rather focus your energy on promoting your business than wasting time working out what to writewebwriting-bundle-bw-notebook-opt

Or who:

Owns an established business and wants to refocus your message.

  • Your website isn’t getting the results you’d like. But you’re either overwhelmed by rewriting your pages or simply don't have the time and would rather be working with clients

And you:

Understand who your ideal client is and the real value of what you do

Know that the words on your website are the essential ingredient for your clients to get to know, like and trust you

Are willing to let someone else take the burden of writing your site, freeing up your valuable time


But it’s not such a good fit if you:

  • Offer a retail product
  • Are in an industry not at all related to business support, personal development, coaching, health, well-being
  • Provide a radical alternative service that isn’t well-known. Best get in touch with me first to see if we’d be a good match






What if I don’t like what you’ve written?

That’s OK. It may not be perfect the first time. In fact, I never promise perfect as it doesn’t exist. What I do promise is two rounds of revisions up to a month after the first draft so I refine your words to be the best for you.

Please kindly note that because of the custom nature of this service I’m unable to offer refunds.

Are you able to guarantee me new clients and sales?

No. That’s also a promise people should never make. What you will get is super-targeted words for your website that appeal more to your ideal client. This strengthens your site and increases your chance of getting enquiries and making sales. I naturally weave in keywords and phrases to boost your online visibility for the words your clients search for. You’ll still need to promote your site to drive traffic, but you'll definitely want to send people there once I’ve written your pages for you!

Can you write my whole site for me or swap out the key pages included for other pages?

The Wonderful Web Writing Bundle is tailored towards your top-level web pages i.e. Home Page, About Page, Work with Me / Services and FAQ pages.

However, should you need a different top-level page that isn’t purely a sales page or landing page intended to sell an online course or specific workshop for instance, that's not a problem, the minimum package includes 2 additional pages giving you 5* pages of web copy in total. You can opt for the 7-page package if you need a little more.

*Get up to 5,000 delicious words for your website! Please note that pages on average will be no longer than 1,000 words each. I set limits so we both have a clear understanding of what you'll be getting and I can use my time effectively to give you the best content. If you want to split out your new content onto different pages on your site, you're free to do so!

Alternatively, if you'd like a web copywriting package tailored just for you please book a time to have a chat and allow me to prepare a personalised quote for you.

Can you write my sales page for me?

Of course! Sales pages are structured differently and can be a lot longer than your top-level web pages. The intention of such pages is to persuade your visitor to buy a service, e-course or e-book. The general rule of thumb is, the more expensive your service, the longer your page needs to be. Sales pages start from £249. Please book a clarity call to get a tailored quote.

Do I need to get my website written by a copywriter?

You can write your website yourself. You can also spend hours trawling the internet trying to find out how to write a website and end up confused and overwhelmed by all the differing advice. Working with a copywriter saves you loads of time and frustration.

The great thing about hiring me as your copywriter is I already know all this web writing stuff. Such as: how to structure your key pages and how to take your key information and weave it into a compelling narrative that inspires the right people to take the right action. And I have an eye for crafting a mindful message which will suit your business.

You’ll also benefit from having an objective set of eyes on your business and website. It’s not easy to remove yourself emotionally from what it is you do.

Is website copywriting essential for growing my business?

Your website is your virtual storefront and a key marketing tool that needs to be well-written to attract the right clients for you, while building a connection and trust that persuades visitors to take action. Website copywriting is different to writing other marketing material. You need to quickly make a good impression and show the benefits of your service.

What you have is valuable to the right person. But if you don’t show them this through your website, they’re less likely to want to work with you.

What’s more, if you’re not confident in your writing ability and get overwhelmed each time you sit in front of the laptop, you’ll never get those words in front of your visitors.

Working mindfully with you

Hi, I'm Sarah, Copywriter and Web Wordsmith

Sarah Norris, soulful copywriterI work mindfully with all my writing clients. This means I pay careful attention to what makes your business valuable to your ideal client. I then highlight these points using the right language – a mix of your tone of voice and words your client uses, to get your visitor’s attention.

My aim is to make your visitor feel heard and understood before showing them why your service is right for them

I’ve been a copywriter for 2 years, specialising in digital content. Previous clients have commented on my ability to write words that resonate with a specific audience. What’s more, I’ve spent hundreds of hours honing my website writing skills. I know how to structure top-level pages in the right way for you.

I’m skilled in uncovering your true value and matching it with your ideal client’s needs

Previously as a CV writer I worked with hundreds of professionals who wanted to land their dream job or move up the career ladder. I became skilled in teasing out my client’s key skills and achievements and highlighting them on their CV or LinkedIn profile to grab the recruiter’s attention. And if clients were applying for a specific role I always took the time to match their unique skills with those required by the job.

This care and attention won me tons of positive feedback from clients who’d been shortlisted for their dream job, or whose new CV had got them a foot in the door with top employers. And I can do the same for your business - getting you 'shortlisted' by your ideal client as the company they want to speak to and work with.

Combined with my digital writing skills and mindful values,

I’ll provide you with a website you’ll be proud to show off




A letter is never quite the same without a good P.S.

If you've read this far then I know you want good things to happen for your business. I want this too! And I know that with a well-written website you’ll achieve good things more quickly while freeing up your time to go and be awesome.


I want to welcome more of my ideal clients through my website and get positive results for my business