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use storytelling in your marketing

Updated: 11/09/2016

Need more sales? Maybe higher paying clients?

As a service-based entrepreneur your top priority is to make your business sustainable, and that means making sales. Even when you hate selling.

But it’s hard. Especially when your using as much online marketing as you can. Your blog, website, Google Ads, social media posts… and you still don’t get the results you want. All this selling wears you out, makes you feel a bit, icky. And you’re still not making enough sales from your ideal customer.

Don’t worry. There’s a simple yet brilliantly effective way to sell your service without going into sleazy car salesman-mode. You’ll love it so much you’ll want to use it throughout your marketing.

Persuasive storytelling is a highly effective technique that builds deeper connections with your ideal customer. It super-charges your marketing message and is a great way to turn enquiries into paying customers.

And you needn’t be a creative writing genius either!

Here’s how:

Tell them a story and make them the hero

Most successful Hollywood films use a similar format – the hero’s journey. You see it in stories such as Star Wars, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

We humans love a good yarn, especially if the hero who we can relate to, goes through a struggle, overcomes a challenge to get their reward. We’re hard wired to love stories; they’re a way to collect and communicate information about the world.

Tell your client a story and make them the star.

It doesn’t need to be an epic three-part blockbuster, it just needs to make your client the hero of the tale who overcomes a struggle. You play the supporting part in empowering your hero to complete their journey.

Not only is this technique simple to use but there’s a better chance they’ll like and trust you, leading to more bookings.

Focus on your customer’s needs for your message to be 5x more effective

storytelling is a powerful marketing tool

Weaving your ideal customer’s story into your marketing is a brilliant way to connect emotionally. Making the message all about them gets impact and builds trust. And means you don’t need to resort to blatant (yucky) sales tactics.

Creating a customer-focused message makes your business stand out, especially in a world full of company-focused sales campaigns.

Only 23% of marketers use a customer-focused marketing strategy. But customers are 5 times more likely to purchase from companies who are customer-centric and offer a great customer experience – Kapost

Using a simple storytelling technique

The simple story arc goes something like this:

Problem: Girl lives with evil step-mother and step-sisters who stop her going to the ball.

Solution: Fairy godmother arrives and kits out girl with everything she needs to go to the ball and meet the prince.

Result: The prince falls in love with the girl and tracks her down with lost shoe. They live happily ever after.

Take your ideal client on a journey to success

Your customer’s story might not be quite so magical. But it will still be engaging if you take them on a journey that shows them how much better life could be:

Problem: Business owner missing out on vital cash-flow? Struggling to bill clients consistently and chase unpaid invoices thanks to pressing client deadlines and mounting paperwork?

Solution: Our efficient virtual assistant service includes swiftly clearing paperwork backlogs and implementing credit control plans.

Result: With that paperwork mountain gone and your cash flowing again you can take back control of your business.

Using storytelling in practice

Ask yourself if your content is doing these things:

  • Showing that you know who your perfect customer is
  • Painting a picture of the challenges or problems they face
  • Giving hope for how your client’s life will be without those challenges
  • Giving a solution and empowering them to overcome their struggle

Moreover, you’ll get extra impact by offering proof that others have gone through the same struggle and are getting results in the form of testimonials or case studies.

Are you making your ideal customer the leading lady (or man) of your marketing story? I’d love to hear how storytelling has helped you get more bookings – please leave a comment.







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