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Soulful Sales: How to sell services on your website without selling your soul

soulful sales on your website needn't be difficult

Soulful sales – sell more without selling your soul

Running a holistic business and want more sales? But does the thought of turning your website into one big sales-pitch make you feel, well, a bit icky?

Making sales, or booking in more clients, is essential if you want your business to be sustainable. At the end of the day, you can’t offer your brilliant service to anyone if you can’t afford to pay the bills.

I know how you feel though. I’d rather poke myself in the eye than make a sales pitch.

But after much trial and error I’ve found three things that help me connect with potential clients in an honest but smart way:

Sharing my passion, showing what’s in it for them and emphasising the outcome of my service

Combining these three elements on your web pages helps your visitor to know, like and trust you. And it’ll make you feel less icky when it comes to asking for that sale.

Oh yes, at some point my lovely, you will have to ask.

But if your potential clients feel they like and trust you, and know you have the solution to their problem, this part will be so much easier. It’ll almost be like you’re not even selling at all.

It’s what I like to call soulful sales.

This is how I like to connect with visitors on my website

1. I share my passion

I love talking about writing better web content. More importantly I love talking about it in a way that helps other entrepreneurs. I’m always thinking about ways to make my message clearer and more compelling.

Ultimately, this is why I’m in business:

To help entrepreneurs get their clearest, most compelling message out to potential clients via their website so they sell more of their service, get to do more of the work they love and gain financial freedom.

Why this helps others to like you

When you think about why you’re in business it often brings about a mind-set shift. You might think you do what you do to make money. This is only part of the reason. Often you’ll have a skill that you love using to help others. That gives you satisfaction. The money’s nice too, but if you hated what you do, would you really do it?

So once you become crystal clear on the real reason for being in business, who you want to serve and why, and you start telling web visitors this message, you begin to show a passion for what you do.

You start talking with a sparkle in your eye.

And this is magical to the right visitor because they’ll ‘get’ what you’re saying and connect with your message. This helps grow your ‘like’ factor.

2. I show what’s truly in it for my client

I usually start each of my web pages with a clear focus on my client and what they’ll get from working with me. I create impact by showing empathy with the problem plus the key benefit and how this will change my client’s current situation.

Doing so helps my client to know exactly what I do and like what I offer.

How you can use benefits to make soulful sales

Highlight the key benefits your clients get from working with you. Make sure they’re true benefits and show the emotional impact it will have on their life.

Does your service ultimately give them more confidence? Motivation? Peace of mind?

Features are facts about your service. Benefits are what your service does for your client

Copywriters are taught early in their career to turn features into benefits and craft their marketing message around them. But actually extracting benefits isn’t as easy as it looks.

What you think is a benefit actually isn’t.

Use the ‘so what?‘ technique to overcome this tiny hurdle.

This handy tool helps you drill down through possible benefits of your service until you stop saying ‘so what?’ and find the true benefit.

A true benefit connects to your client’s desire or problem – being happier, more relaxed or confident, or making more sales. When you answer using so what? focus on the outcome you want your client to achieve.

For example
I write captivating web copy

So what?
It helps you get a clearer, more compelling message on your website

So what?
You can sell more of your packages to the right visitors on your site

Occasionally you’ll need to ask ‘so what?’ a few more times. Once you get to the point when you can’t answer anymore, you have your true benefit.

soulful sales on your website needn't be difficult

3. I sell an outcome, not my time

Which leads neatly onto the third part of soulful sales. Selling an outcome.

The key to adding value to your service and drawing in the right type of client in a non-salesy way is to highlight the outcome.

I used to price my copywriting service by the hour, but often found clients to be overly demanding and constantly haggling over costs. It was hard work as I had to provide a quote for a one-off piece of writing, and go back and forth to agree details before I got to do any work. Pretty exhausting, right?

So what did I do about this? I followed some successful coaches, listened to what they had to say about pricing. They all say the same thing.

Don’t ever sell your time.

When you sell your time you won’t be able to charge as much and your clients tend to be more demanding. Once you focus on the outcome, price becomes less relevant. People buy life changers, peace of mind… so focus on this.

Better still, think of it this way

Creating a service to solve a real problem + telling people about your service and the outcome they’ll get = Soulful Selling

What I’m doing now is packaging up my services and showing the ultimate outcome. This adds far more value and helps client to trust me and buy-in to my offer.

Use these techniques on your website, or in your sales ‘pitches’ for a more honest and soulful approach. It wouldn’t surprise me if you start getting more soulful sales pretty quickly.

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