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The sales copy secret sauce that makes an emotional connection with your reader

sales copy secret sauce

Writing sales copy for your service isn’t easy

Struggling to get your sales message just right on your website?

I know how you feel. My own site has gone through loads of changes as I felt my message wasn’t quite there. I’ve become quite practised at copy-tickling – changing a word or sentence to make it better even though the message was good in the first place.

Writing sales copy is tricky, even for us copywriters. It’s not surprising entrepreneurs without sales writing backgrounds blanch at the thought of having to write their own sales page.

Maybe you’re worried about your message coming across as blatantly salesy, putting your reader off. After all, no one likes to be sold to.

On the other hand, if your message isn’t compelling enough your visitor won’t stick around to read the rest of your message. And that gives you another headache.

Here’s how you can rethink your message and make it way more appealing.

How to skyrocket your reader’s interest in your offer and super-charge your sales copy

One of the first things copywriters learn is to take the features from a product, extract the benefits and add these to their client’s sales message. This makes it far more interesting to the reader than just listing the product specification.

But, though a good technique that worked well in the past, I don’t believe it produces a compelling enough message.

Copywriters learn as they craft more sales copy that to get a truly appealing message they need to drill down further beyond the features and benefits. To the bits that really matter to the target reader.

The sparkly stuff that lights their fire and gets them asking ‘tell me more’.

The secret sauce for compelling sales copy.

And this is the easiest way to start writing your super-compelling sales message. Once you’ve learnt it, you’ll apply it to all your business writing where you want someone to take action.

People don’t buy products or services

What? Of course people buy products or services!


Let me explain.

People buy problem solvers, life changers, status symbols. Systems that save them time, frustration or embarrassment.

They buy on their emotions first.

We all want to make our lives easier or better in some way.

Your ideal customer needs you to solve her problems or make her life better.

You have the light that shows her the way without tripping up. The map that gets her from A to B the quickest. Your service is the bridge that gets her across the tricky terrain without fear or overwhelm.

Showing your customer that you have the tools or the information to solve her problem highlights the value of your product or service, gets her attention and convinces her to keep reading.

And it goes way beyond just showing the benefits of your service.

The secret sauce to making your message speak directly to your dream customer

Appeal to your reader’s emotions before giving more information about your service or offer.

Show your reader you empathise. That you’ve heard and understood her. She’ll feel comfortable in what you’re saying and more receptive to hearing your solution.

Turn the benefits of your service into an emotion.

The easiest way to do this is to take one of the features of your service, think about the benefit it brings then the impact it has on your client’s life. The impact is usually an emotion, AKA the secret sauce.

When you advertise fire extinguishers, open with the fire David Ogilvy

How you benefit from this knowledge to give your marketing message extra oomph

When you show your customer you ‘get’ their frustration or desire it’s easier to sell to them as they’ll readily agree with by giving you the silent nod.

Perhaps you offer an easy to use book-keeping tool to small businesses.

Ask a question:

Wouldn’t you love to save time and frustration in completing your year-end accounts?Yes, your customer says to herself.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a simple system that not only saves you time but money too?Yes. Tell me more!

Weaving in that emotion – losing time and being frustrated is key.

You could have said ‘Wouldn’t you love an extra pair of hands completing your year-end accounts?’ but that lacks any oomph. Your visitor might say ‘well, yes I would’ in response but they don’t feel compelled to read on. You’ve not really grabbed her attention.

By adding in the emotion you stop her in her tracks and get her thinking about the frustration she feels now and somehow she can overcome it.

sales copy secret sauce

A practical example

I recently looked into buying a tent to take my family camping. I’ve never been camping with kids before and was overwhelmed by the choice of tents on offer. My main concerns are the difficulties in putting a tent up and comfort as you can’t guarantee what the weather will do.

I came across one:

A 6-berth tunnel tent made of breathable polyester and featuring a waterproof sewn in groundsheet and additional footprint and porch.

So what?

The tunnel design gives more headroom and the footprint prevents rain from pooling underneath the groundsheet.

Er, OK.

This is a roomy family tent with generous headroom and plenty of space to stash all your gear.

Now you’ve got my attention. Tell me more.

A roomy family tent with plenty of hanging pockets to keep you organised. Made in breathable fabric to stop you sweating in the heat while keeping you cosy and dry when the British weather turns. Easy to put up giving you more time to spend having fun with the kids.

That sounds like the tent for me!

Spacious yet cosy enough to keep up with the changing British weather. And it’s no-stress to assemble. This tent overcomes many of my worries about camping and ticks many of the boxes I’ve been considering. Plus, it pulls at my emotions by saying I’ll get more time having fun with my kids which helps me imagine a lovely family holiday.

Adding an emotional element to your sales copy helps make it super-compelling to your ideal client. It quickly gets their attention and hooks them into reading on and more receptive to saying yes to your sales offer.

Are you using benefit-driven sales copy to sell your service?

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