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Product Branding

Product branding

Product branding is an exercise in creativity, lateral thinking and the ability to convey a product or company’s values.

Here are two projects relating to product branding that I worked on:

Product branding for a new loaf of bread

Client: Bakery

Brief: Devise a set of possible brand names for a new kind of bread.

The bread tastes better than existing loaves and is healthier, because the new process doesn’t destroy the goodness of the wheat, as the normal Chorleywood process does. The bread contains less air and water than normal, which gives it a better, more granular texture. In short, it’s a better bread.

What I did: I drew up a number of relevant categories relating to bread and bread-making and brainstormed as many words as possible. Using this method, I produced 80 potential brand names. Names included Harvest Fresh, Nature’s Harvest, Baker Mill and Gold Grain.


Product branding for boys shoes

Client: Children’s Shoe Manufacturer

Brief: Produce a brand name for a new range of shoes for boys aged six to eight. The shoes are rugged, comfortable and suitable for the outdoors and branding should focus on boys’ interest in adventure. The name should communicate fun, adventure, excitement and durability, perhaps conveying an idea of an Australian daredevil hero.

What I did: Again, I defined a number of relevant categories to facilitate the brainstorming of potential names. Suggested names included Dash, Rocky, Hero, Outback and Rapid.

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