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Leaflet Writing

leaflet writing, flyers and brochures

Helping you to inform and persuade your reader by writing content for leaflets, flyers and brochures – online or in print.


leaflet writing, writing a flyer

Client: Local parent-run toddler group.

Brief: Provide wording for an A5 flyer to attract volunteers to help out at the group.

What I did: Prepared content to generate interest in the group and show the benefits of becoming a volunteer there.

See the flyer here

leaflet writing, flyer writing for massage and holistic therapy

Client: Holistic therapist.

Brief: Provide wording for an A5 flyer to promote specialist pregnancy massage.

What I did: I worked with the client to understand the most important points to include such as benefits and insurance information. The content conveyed the key benefits to the potential client while reassuring them of the therapist’s qualifications to carry out the therapy.

See the content here

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