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3 ways to get more website visitors and build brand awareness

get more website visitors

Wouldn’t you love more website visitors?

You’ve put the time (or money) into getting a great looking website. After working with your copywriter and web designer you can’t wait to see those traffic stats going up.

But what if they don’t? Have you wasted your time, energy and resources for nothing just to see tumbleweeds roll past your virtual home?

Don’t panic. First off, your site should now feature some of your preferred keywords, helping people to find you online when searching for the thing you offer. But you can’t put all your eggs in one basket and rely on search engines alone. There are so many changes to search engine algorithms and you can’t always guarantee you’ll be on page one of Google.

Plus, the chances of someone to clicking through from a search engine page to buying from you in one visit is fairly low. People do business with people. Especially those they know, like and trust.

And if your message is clear, compelling and right for your audience, you will get more website visitors and start receiving enquiries from potential clients.

But you need to get people to your site in the first place to give them that opportunity to get to know you

Consistently doing the following three things not only gets people to your site, but to help them get to know you and keep your business in the forefront of their mind.

This kind of consistent, quality promotion takes a little time to get going, but once you do, you’ll start seeing the reward through more enquiries from ‘warm leads’ i.e. those people who are already interested in what you’re doing and what you offer.

The plus point is you don’t need to spend any more money on doing this promotion.

3 free ways to get more website visitors

1. Keep telling people your website exists

This one’s a no brainer really. Mention your website home page on all your marketing material on and offline, your email signature and social media profiles.

Make sure a link to your site is on your business cards or flyers so when you hand them out to people at networking events they have a direct link to find out more about what you do should they be interested.

People have a lot going on and are kind of forgetful…

They may not be ready to buy from you right now and after a while may even forget what it is you do! So having that link for them to call up your website will be invaluable. They may even pass on your card to someone else they feel will benefit from your help. You never know… Oh, and keep your link simple for offline material, there’s nothing worse than having to type a long web address packed with numbers or unusual words. Make it easy for people.

get more website visitors
Are you getting enough visitors through your virtual door?

2. Paint a picture for people to remember your site by

Graphics are a brilliant way to engage on social media and are often shared more freely than written posts. A lovely quote on a nice background, a picture featuring your latest blog post headline or an image that represents your product or service can really build interest.

Always put your website link on any images, memes or infographics you create. Sometimes you may not get credited with its creation after your image starts getting shared meaning you lose any value in building your company name or generating website traffic. Simply pop your home page address on the image (this also helps reduce chances of your image being ‘stolen and repurposed’ by someone who can’t be bothered to do it themselves).

Canva and PicMonkey are great (free) tools for creating appealing graphics in no time at all.

Plenty of businesses make the smart decision to use the same palette of colours, matching fonts and type of image for all the graphics they produce to keep consistency and build brand awareness. So be consistent, include your web address / logo and give your brand a boost too.

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3. Give something for free

A great way to build longer-term rapport with visitors is to offer free resources that not only give value in the form of useful information, but act as a taster to what it’s like to work with you. Another benefit of free resources is you can promote your freebie via social media to build more engagement and drive more traffic to your site.

Your ‘freebie’ (or lead magnet if you want to get technical) can be as simple as putting some relevant information together in a Word document, saving as a PDF and uploading to your website for people to download. Add your web address to the footer of each page to remind people where the document came from.

Going a step further, you can use a mailing service such as Constant Contact or Mail Chimp to collect an email address in return for the download. This helps you build a list of people who are interested in what you do and are likely to be open to hearing more from you via a regular e-newsletter, also great for deepening your relationship, building that know, like and trust further.

A good rule to bear in mind is 80/20. Wrap your sales ‘pitch’ by making your newsletter 80% useful information followed by 20% talking about how you can help or your latest offer.

Send regularly, weekly, fortnightly, monthly, whatever schedule works for you. But keep sending and you’ll keep popping up in your potential client’s inbox so when they are ready for the work you do, you’re at the forefront of their mind.

Keep going to get more website visitors

Taking consistent marketing action to help people become aware of you does take time, but is totally worth it. You’ll find you reach a tipping point where people start to share your links, blog posts or images, then they share with others. Network regularly so more people become aware of you and are happy to mention you to others, having had a lovely conversation with you.

And with that sparkling site that really speaks to your ideal client, once you do get more website visitors there’s more chance of them saying yes to working with you.


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