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The one reason your marketing message isn’t getting attention

When your marketing message isn’t getting attention

Has this ever happened to you?

After being introduced to a fellow business owner they talk about themselves without asking you a thing.

How does that make you feel?

Bored, certainly. And you’re probably trying to extract yourself from the conversation so you can find someone more interesting to talk to.

This happened to me at a networking event. On discovering I’m a writer, the entrepreneur I’d just met regaled me with stories of all the creative writing he’d ever done. He didn’t ask what kind of writing I do, he just heard ‘writer’ and made an assumption. After a few painful minutes I left the conversation saying I needed to pop to the ladies.

I’m sure we’ve all become self-centred on meeting others. I know I have. Anxiety will do that. But have you noticed how some people seem to easily start up conversations and keep them flowing without excluding others? They’re like magnets at the centre of the room, drawing everyone in. They seem so confident.

Just like those websites that pull you in effortlessly and make sales easily. Meanwhile, you’re slaving away drumming up business leaving you exhausted and overwhelmed. And when someone does stop by you get a little tongue-tied in your excitement to tell them what you do.
Sound familiar?

It’s my party and I’ll talk about myself if I want to

“We go above and beyond to deliver exceptional customer service.”

“We’ve been helping companies in the HR sector since 2006.”

“I’ve been in the recruitment business for 25 years. I know what I’m doing.”

So often businesses turn-off their visitor with a self-centred message, writing about themselves in uninspiring ways. From their web pages to their brochures, it’s all ‘me, me, me’.

Now I know as a business owner you’re keen to tell your customers about your products or service. It’s natural to want to talk about yourself and make your marketing message all about you.

I get it.

After all, how will people buy from you if you don’t talk about what you do or sell?

But when companies talk about themselves on their web pages explaining what they do and how they do it they barely give thought to why their ideal customer should care.

This leads to dull content and doesn’t inspire confidence. And there’s a good chance web visitors will quickly leave never to return.

But it’s OK. You can fix this common marketing mistake.

The one word to make your marketing message powerful

Have you noticed that content is more powerful when you feel it speaks directly to you? Ever wondered why?

It’s simple really.

What’s the one thing people truly love to talk about?

supercharged blog cover-opt

As you’ve already seen from your fellow party-goer people love to talk about themselves.

We’re all pretty self-centred whether we care to admit it or not. But it’s no coincidence one of the most persuasive words in English is ‘you’.

It might feel strange to write content about your customer rather than your product or service, but it makes for a more compelling message.

Let’s take one of our earlier statements as an example:

“We’ve been helping companies in the HR sector since 2006.”

Great, you think, before adding ‘so what?’

So what?’ is a brilliant way to gauge whether your words are getting to the point and giving your reader the right message

You don’t want a ‘so what?’ you want a ‘yes, tell me more!

How about:

“With 10 years’ employee relations expertise, we navigate the employment law minefield so you don’t have to.”

This is far juicier than the first statement and gets to the point without adding a ‘so what?’ It tells you, the reader, what’s in it for you.  It also inspires more confidence that this company knows what they’re doing.  And it uses the word ‘you’.

You – your secret weapon

It works too. Before becoming a copywriter, I wrote CVs for clients to help them get new jobs or move up the career ladder. A pivotal message I told my clients was to move away from just making their CV about them.

Counter-intuitive I know. But telling the recruiter what’s in it for them by shortlisting this candidate is so powerful. It’s one of the techniques that led to my CVs getting higher shortlisting rates. I shared this technique with job-seekers on Linkedin.

Shape your marketing message to be about your customer and what your service does for them. Think ‘you’, not ‘me’. Inspire your reader, make your message about them and liberally use ‘you’ throughout. It’s an easy and proven way to super-charge your words, make you look super-confident and convert your visitors into customers.






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