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What your About page says about you (and why you should care)

Want to get a magnetic About page but don’t know what to include?

If your About page is like most company About pages it’ll tell your reader a little about you, how your company started, maybe some of your qualifications or awards you’ve won. And that’s it.

Can I be honest with you? That’s not very compelling.

Maybe it was added as an after-thought. A kind of ‘everyone else has a similar About page I’ll pop one on my site too’ type of thing.

Don’t worry though, you’re not alone. It’s a common and unsurprising mistake many businesses make, after all, web writing probably isn’t their speciality.

Why you need to create a magnetic About page dream clients want to read

The thing is, your ‘About Me’ page is one of the most visited. People want to find out more about the face behind the company, but not only that, they want to see how you can help them.

If you only remember one thing from this post, remember this:

Your About Me page is actually a sales page in disguise

Many business owners fail to realise this and continue to fill the page with dull, uninspiring words. And mediocre content won’t tell visitors what they need to know or persuade them to take action. In effect it’s a waste of digital space.

A second-rate page is ok if you don’t want to attract more of your dream clients and you want to be the same as your competitors.

But I know you don’t want to be ordinary.

Let me fill you in a little secret. It’s really not difficult to make your About page stand out and show your ideal client you’re the person to work with.

How to make your About page sparkle

A magnetic About Me page focuses on your visitor, not you.

I know. It sounds strange at first glance to make your About page not about you. But your website is your digital store front aimed at drawing in the right people and getting them to work with you.

This means it needs to show you understand your reader and the problem they have, how you solve that problem and why you’re best placed to solve it.

Worried this might be manipulative?

It’s not. You’re simply telling your visitor who you are in the context of how you can help them. This gets visitors to stick around and keen to learn more about you.

Talk about yourself in a way that shows how you help your ideal client

Starting your About page with ‘Hi, I’m …’ is a waste of your digital breath. I won’t sugar-coat it for you. No one cares who you are.


Yes you should give information about yourself but this comes later. After you’ve reassured them they’re in the right place and you ‘get them’. Only after this will they want your name and number or email address.

The elements of a good About page

There’s not one right way to write an About page, but it needs to include certain elements

  • That you know their main frustration or desire
  • You’ve got the solution to ease their struggle or take them where they want to go
  • How you do it and why you’re qualified to help

You should also show personality and give a little more detail about yourself after all you’re not a faceless corporation. Just don’t overdo it and give away too much information. A picture helps your visitor to put a face to your name too.

Is your About page saying more about you than your client?

Imagine magnetically attracting dream clients to work with you

Grab your free 5-point essentials checklist to make sure your About page is super-dreamy to your ideal client:

Magnetic About page checklist
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