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Are you making the most of this free PR opportunity?

Free PR Opportunity

Last updated: 11/09/2016

A free PR opportunity that gets you visible

Imagine having a semi-automated way of getting you found online and giving you great PR. For free! Doesn’t that sound great?

A business blog does this for you. And if you already have a business website, then adding a blog page needn’t be hard. Yet many entrepreneurs struggle with blogging.

If you’re like the bloggers who enthusiastically start only to find it harder than it looks or you’re not getting the response you were hoping for, don’t worry; you’re not alone.

You see, around 50% of blogs are abandoned within the first 90 days.

Then there’s the reluctant blogger. The one who knows what a great opportunity a blog offers. They’d love to show up, entertain, educate and inspire their people and want to keep it going but somehow can’t.

Sound familiar?

Your blog is an essential PR tool

Of companies with a blog, 79% report a positive return for their marketing. It makes commercial sense then to think of your blog as a way to drum up business.

Blogs are a valuable yet simple way to connect with clients and it’s cost effective too

You can use the content to make a connection on social media and show your expertise.

Plus, business blogs are often approached by the press to provide comment on industry news – who doesn’t love free PR?

Apart from establishing your credibility, you’ll increase traffic to your site and encourage people to get in touch with you.

You can see why not blogging is a missed opportunity to build your credibility, focus your marketing, get free PR and connect with customers

You want free PR but it’s hard to keep it going

Keeping your blog going is like tending to a plant. With regular care it will thrive. If not, it will become limp and wither away.

keep your marketing asset thriving

Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier though. Consistently coming up with ideas to write about and finding the time to post regularly are common issues I hear from clients and potential bloggers.

It’s difficult. I know. Between guest-posting, ghost-writing for clients, keeping my parenting blog updated and promoted, and being mum to two boisterous boys, it’s a tough gig. My copywriting blog rarely gets a look in.

As if it’s not enough to find topics to write about, I have to think of an angle and a working title which will need refining before the post goes live. I’ll undertake research and make notes. This is all before I write anything. Once drafted, the post requires editing, revising and proofing for spelling errors.

Then comes sourcing and working up an image, the actual posting and promotion. Phew!

No wonder so many entrepreneurs don’t bother

But, as we’ve seen, you should aim to keep your blog going. It’s like giving up free PR for your business and that would be a real shame.

How to keep your blog going without getting overwhelmed

In my experience, you can dramatically turn around your blog-woes, be able to post regularly and keep on top of your content. It takes a little mind-set shift and organisation, but once you get going you’ll get into the swing of posting and soon see positive results.

Free PR Opportunity

Give your blog the priority it deserves

Treat your blog as important and set aside time to write for it regularly. By viewing your blog as an essential rather than a ‘nice to have’, you’ll be more invested in it and motivated to keep it going. Pushed for time? Here’s some tips on blogging in 15-minutes a day.

If writing isn’t your core skill find a team member who is comfortable whipping up blog posts – a virtual assistant maybe. Alternatively, outsource the research and writing to a professional blogger. You can get back to running your business knowing that your blog is working its magic for you.

Keep a list of post ideas to prevent writers block

If you do go it alone, keep a list of post ideas. Keep adding to it – check out these 43 awesome ways to inspire blog post ideas if you’re running dry.

Come up with 4 or 5 keywords relevant to your business and use these as categories. Add 3 subcategories to each then 3 rough post ideas for each subcategory. That’s around 45 post ideas to get you going.

Offering valuable content is one of the best ways to market your business without being salesy.

Answer frequently asked questions and provide solutions to your client’s problems. Make yourself indispensable and you’ll quickly grow your audience.

Use a content schedule to help you plan in the right way

You’ll find plenty of differing views online about how often you should post.

In my experience, the best option is to post regularly on a schedule you’re comfortable with. For you this may mean every three days, weekly or even monthly. As long as you show up when you say you will, your reader will thank you. Leave it too long and your blog falls into the inactive (and unloved) category which looks worse than not having a blog.

For example, I decided early on to post weekly on both my parenting blog and soulful writing blog. My parenting posts are based more on personal experience so require less research than my writing posts, which take far longer to draft, write and edit. Though this may change in future, this schedule works for me right now.

My advice as an experienced blogger is you need to seek your own rhythm. If you’re finding your feet with your blog, start slowly. Don’t publish loads of content all at once as you’ll struggle to keep up the pace and lose motivation. CoSchedule have a great post on planning a blogging schedule  along with a calendar you may find useful.

Save time – use automated tools to share and promote

Tools such as Buffer share content across your chosen social media platforms, saving you time. Add updates to your Buffer queue and it will push out content over different times of the day. You can fill your queue with posts for Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

Once you fill your blog with useful content it’ll be far easier to keep going. And you’ll be making the most of your free PR opportunity to build your audience and get your message out into the world.

Grab your free workbook ‘How to fill your blog with content your super customer loves’ for step by step help to match your expertise with your client needs.

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