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Discover your ideal client by uncovering your ‘why’

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How to discover your ideal client by understanding your ‘why’

Are you struggling to discover your ideal client?

Did you struggle to know exactly who you wanted to work with when starting your business?

I certainly did.

When starting out as a copywriter I was told to avoid having a clear niche. It would only restrict me and I was capable of handling any brief. Wow, I thought. There’ll be loads of clients I can write for then!

The thing was, trying to write for anyone and everyone became very difficult. Because I wasn’t clear on who I wanted to work with, I kept changing my message and the writing service I offered. Sometimes I’d write with corporate marketing managers in mind, other times, small business owners. My site must’ve been confusing to anyone who ventured into it.

At the time I also wrote a mindful parenting blog, charting my journey to becoming a calmer parent. A coach commented that I seemed to show more passion for my personal blog than I did my copywriting website. Taking this on board, I sat down and thought long and hard. Why am I doing this work? Who do I really want to help?

I’m a sensitive yet creative INFJ who hates traditional sales. The thought of using sneaky sales tactics makes my toes curl! The thing is, I want to support other business owners, not manipulate them.

I had a lightbulb moment

Why not combine my love of mindfulness with my ability to create emotionally driven copy that helps those in helping professions who want to sell more without breaking out the sleazy sales patter?

And so my soulful copywriting values formed, making it easier for me to understand who I wanted to work with – complementary and well-being therapists, personal development coaches, holistic businesses.

Those people who seek to serve others and take their clients through a transformation of some kind. The kind of people who hate pushy sales.

My website also underwent another transformation with a complete brand and message overhaul.

I’ve never been happier with it.

Yes it probably puts some people off. But that’s OK. They’re not my type of client anyway.

How my story can help you

I know identifying your ideal client can be a struggle and you’ve probably heard it a thousand times – who is your dream client?

After my own journey, I’d strongly recommend starting with YOU first.

Discover your Big Why

Knowing why you do the work you do (and for whom) focuses you, keeps you motivated and becomes the basis of your brand. It helps your passion to shine through in all your messages and makes it easier for you to make sure your website is talking to the right people.

It has two parts.

The personal reason you’re in business (e.g. to get financial or creative freedom, to be able to provide your family with all they need while spending time with them).

And the altruistic reason. Most of us don’t just work for the money. There’s always a reason that keeps us going. It might be the love of sharing your knowledge with others, wanting to help fellow business owners, or being passionate about helping someone overcome health issues.

Take a few minutes today to focus on your why and discover your ideal client.

Want to find out more about ‘Why’? Check out this inspirational video from Simon Sinek.

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