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The key to creating persuasive sales copy for your ideal client

the key for persuasive sales copy

Imagine you’re looking for love and go to a dating event. You meet someone you kind of click with. But while you’re talking, your potential beau keeps looking over your shoulder trying to catch someone else’s eye.

Does that make you feel special?

Thought not.

The same goes for your business. It’s only natural to want to snag as many potential clients as possible – the bigger the pond, the more chance you have of catching a fish.

But is that perfect fish going to bite? If your website and sales message is casting too many lines your ideal catch may miss the line you put down for him and swim right on past.

What does this mean for persuasive sales copy?

Well if we have a general message that tries to speak to everyone who happens across our site or online profile, we end up speaking to no one. And that doesn’t make for persuasive sales copy.

Clients are the lifeblood of our micro-business. We all want to easily hook those ideal clients and reel them in so we can talk to them and get the chance to convert them into paying customers.

There are loads of copywriting techniques we can use to structure our content, making it flow well and look visually attractive. But, to catch the right people’s attention we need to speak directly for them and build our copy around their needs. This makes our sales copy super-attractive and magnetic.

the key for persuasive sales copy

The one thing you need to know before you write your sales copy

Before you even put a word on the page however, the one thing you need to know is who you’re writing for and what they need to hear.

Any copywriter or web designer worth their salt will want you to be clear on your target audience before they start their work for you. Creating a great website with persuasive sales copy will be difficult otherwise. And none of us wants to invest in lacklustre messages that don’t do us justice.

Here’s what I learned about knowing who I needed to talk to

I know how hard it is to get clear on your ideal client.

I struggled with who to target when I first started out. The advice I got from my copywriting tutor and mentor was to avoid having a niche. It would only restrict me and I was capable of handling any client brief.

Wow, I thought. There’ll be loads of clients I can write for then. So many fish, so little time!

The thing was, trying to write for anyone and everyone became very difficult. Casting my net into the ‘small business of any description’ pond wasn’t doing it for me.

Because I wasn’t clear on who I wanted to work with, I kept changing my message and the writing service I offered. Sometimes I’d write with corporate marketing managers in mind, other times, small business owners. My site must’ve been confusing to anyone who ventured into it.

Looking back, I was trying to catch a minnow in the middle of the ocean rather than focusing on the richly-populated rock pool on the beach.

Through networking, I discovered I was drawn to a certain type of business. The business who supports others, such as VAs, consultants or coaches. Businesses offering workplace and personal development and training, or health treatment and well-being experiences.

Once I knew this my website and branding had an overhaul. It was like the clouds had parted and I could see clearly just what message I need to put out there. And suddenly I was getting enquiries and bookings from people who I actually wanted to work with. It was like a breath of fresh air.

Knowing who you’re writing for makes it so much easier to make your sales copy persuasive

You know just what problems, struggles or desires these people have and how you can best help them. Once you know this, you’ll start putting out messages that make your dream client think ‘Wow! How did you know that’s how I felt? It’s like you wrote that page just for me!”

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Understand what your ideal client needs to solve (or get) and how you help them solve or get it. Show the benefit of working with you, appeal to their passion or emotions. Stoke their curiosity, take them on a journey and weave in what’s in it for them.

This is the true key to begin crafting super-magnetic, persuasive sales copy that nets you a boatload of clients in no time.

Are you catching the right fish or are your efforts floundering? Download my free guide to attracting more dream clients.





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