Copywriting service

copywriting service to help you consistently attract more clients

We’d all love for an ideal client to find us in an online search, click through to our website and buy from us there and then

But did you know that a potential client needs to come into contact with you 7 times on average before they commit to working with you?

This means consistently putting your message out there in different forms so they keep hearing from you and your business stays at the front of their mind. Then when they’re ready for the kind of help you offer, they’ll think of you first.

But when you’re busy running your business it can be tricky to keep your marketing message going. Even more so if you struggle with writing.

A copywriting service for businesses who serve others

It needn’t be difficult however to keep attracting those visitors and help them get to know, like and trust you before taking that step to becoming a paying client. It can be as simple as someone reading your regular blog posts, signing up for your ‘free’ tips sheet and receiving a couple of e-newsletters.

And even better, you’ve found a copywriter who can help with all of these things, taking away the strain of wondering what to write and how.

Digital copywriting service to fit your needs

digital copywriting service


Choose from these copywriting service packages:

Lead magnet (aka your enticing ‘freebie’)

Written or edited and formatted into an enticing, beautifully prepared ‘download-ready’ PDF so you can start building your email list without the effort. From £99

your content editing report
Example of what your 'freebie' could look like


Email welcome series

Once you have subscribers this is one of the best ways to turn your new tribe into paying clients while on autopilot. Get an automated welcome sequence to build that relationship after they’ve downloaded your enticing freebie. 6 emails from £129


The List Building Booster

A fabulous content marketing package to get you going.

ticktinyHave your ‘freebie’ lead magnet fully written and beautifully packaged into a 'download-ready' PDF

ticktinyGet a series of 6 emails as your ‘welcome sequence’ to consolidate your relationship

ticktinyPlus benefit from a bonus 12-monthly email framework featuring tailored suggestions of valuable information to include which keeps subscribers hearing from you, deepening your relationship while on autopilot

Your investment for all this is just £297



Pop into their inbox regularly with genuinely valuable information to earn that trust and they're more likely to say yes to working with you when the time is right. From £149 for a series of 4 newsletters.


Blog posts

Keep on giving valuable information to help raise your online visibility. Not only will you attract traffic to your site but you’ll boost your SEO through regular, fresh content, and keyword use. You can even use your posts to ‘guest post’ elsewhere and build strategic relationships to make the most of someone else’s audience. From £45 per post. Packages available.

Blog copywriting service

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