Content Editing and Review

Revive & nurture your website

Make it easier for your ideal clients to work with you

Feel your content is missing the spark that turns visitors to paying clients but unsure how to fix it?

Overwhelmed by all the web writing advice out there and need to take a break from figuring it out on your own?

Written your own site and want your wording refined so your message stands out and grabs attention?

I have the perfect solution

Because you want to work with more of the right kinds of clients, the ones you can truly help, the ones who value what you do.

So your business grows and you earn the income you deserve

To get there you need a targeted message that builds visitors’ trust in you. Allowing them to get to know you and to like what you do and how you do it - that ‘know, like and trust’ factor

Introducing the Content Makeover

Content Editing and Review

Make it easier for your web visitors to get to know, like and trust you

A simple and cost-effective way to get personalised copywriting support to refine and finesse your existing copy

Strengthen your key messages and make your pages more appealing and persuasive to your ideal clients

Free up your time to do the work you love safe in the knowledge that a trained copywriter is enhancing your website message


Shaping it to make the foundation stronger with a better flow featuring client-infused language naturally incorporating your keywords that helps your message resonate with the right people and gets you found online

Leading to better quality enquiries and increasing your chance of making sales

Refresh 5 of your Key Website Pages



Say au revoir to jargon and hello to captivating words.

It's easy to get carried away and just write and write... Sometimes this is called content creep. Your makeover trims flabby text making it leaner and fitter.


Get confidence that your words are right.

Poor spelling and grammar looks sloppy and sows seeds of doubt in your visitor’s mind. If your spelling is poor maybe your service will be too. Your review includes full proofreading giving you peace of mind there's no typo's.

Text Boosting Recommendations

Get emotionally connected for better results.

 Make your message more compelling with powerful alternative phrases and words that appeal to your ideal customer, helping them to know, like and trust you on a deeper level.


Make your website your key online marketing tool

Receive a beautiful PDF featuring bonus tips on how to strengthen your calls to action, making them more clickable to your visitor. And ways to easily build your 'know, like and trust' factor even further to boost your credibility


A refreshed, revived, more compelling message that truly appeals to your ideal client. Messages that clearly express why you're uniquely placed to help, persuading them to make that initial contact, getting them onto your sales train

***Extra bonus tips to help you drive more traffic to your site

5 simple ways to generate more leads and sales from your website

by Vee Smith - The Biz Tech Wiz


Help lovely visitors find your fabulous website and the chance to see the brilliant value you offer!


5 pages of refreshed, compelling text for just £299





Sarah’s report helped us to see where we could improve things

'Sarah’s content makeover report was very comprehensive, her recommendations well thought out and her checklists extremely useful.

It’s very easy when you spend so much time in your own business to lose sight of what visitors are actually seeing when they come to your website and whether your messaging is clear and concise enough, your call to actions are compelling and the overall look and feel is aligned with your brand values. We will definitely be using her suggestions to do a full review of our website.'


Susan Payton The Business of Mums

A content makeover is perfect if you:

  • Are a service-based business owner who supports others
  • Love writing but wonder if your words are hitting the right note
  • Feel your copy is lacking something and aren’t sure how to add that extra spark to connect with clients
  • Want a low-risk and affordable way of getting copywriting support to drive your business forward
  • Want to get back to doing the work you love safe in the knowledge that your message is being refined by a copywriting professional

It may not be a good fit if you:

  • Offer purely retail products. The makeover is specifically for service-based businesses
  • Want your pages completely rewritten
  • Need sales but aren’t willing to promote your site
Content editing, review and makeover from a trained copywriter

I would recommend Sarah's skills to anyone needing help in this way

'After building and writing the content in my website, I felt that it would be advantageous to get a second opinion from an experienced copywriter. Sarah appraised the site and gave some great feedback, I agree with everything she said and have implemented these changes, I look forward to some positive results.'


content editing client testimonial






How your makeover works

Book your session and pay a deposit of just £60 to guarantee time in my diary.

We'll hop onto a Skype or phone call for around 45 minutes. I'll ask you some questions around your business including who your ideal client is, what your key messages are and the areas you feel need strengthening the most.

After our session you'll receive an invoice for the remaining balance which will be due before I send your copy-edited text.

Get your proofread and copy-edited text as MS Word documents with track changes enabled via email within four working days. You simply accept any changes before copying and pasting the words into your site.

You’ll also receive a beautiful PDF report with copywriting recommendations to strengthen your calls to action and ways to build your know, like and trust factor even more.

How do I know if my site is working well or if it needs a makeover?

You’ll generally know if you’re making sales / bookings through your site. If bookings are lower than you’d like it may be a combination of factors. Your message, who you’re targeting, how your website presents your business and your marketing efforts.

Before we get going with your makeover I’ll take a look at your site and see what changes you’ll benefit from.

I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah

'Sarah reviewed my recruitment site and delivered a comprehensive report giving me some great ideas to help shape and strengthen my existing content to meet the needs of my target market. I have no hesitation in recommending Sarah's review service to other professionals'


Client testimonial






I’m Sarah, a copywriter with a love for mindful marketing

I help business owners who support others to sell more of their service through their website using client-focused messaging and positivity-fuelled, compelling copy

Sarah Norris, copywriting services for entrepreneurs

Since 2011, I’ve helped hundreds of businesses and professionals to market themselves.

With a background in psychology, marketing and copywriting I help business owners to get the results they want – better quality enquiries from the right people that are more likely to turn into sales.

Everyone has a gift to share with the world.

My gift is to help you grow your business through words on your virtual home – your website. And my passion is to nurture your website wording so it’s the most honest and persuasive it can be.






What is a content makeover?

Your content makeover combines copy-editing, content and substantive editing plus proofreading along with a copywriting twist.

In particular:

Evaluation and review of five of your top level web pages (e.g. home page, about page, hire me/ services page) checking style, word use, spelling and grammar to make sure your text makes sense, is structurally sound and weaves in words your clients use.

There’ll be an emphasis on how your words relate to your key messages as well as overall flow, clarity and copywriting effectiveness.

You’ll get copywriting advice to make your web pages more compelling so they work harder and you’ll receive checklists so you can review your web pages yourself in future.

Please note the service doesn’t include fact checking. I hold no liability for inaccuracies regarding facts.

What types of editing are there?

There are several types of editing: copy-editing, content editing, fact checking, proofreading and finally, substantive editing.

Content editing

Evaluating text content; the way it flows, development of the overall theme and structure and adjusting the language to fit the intended audience.


Copy-editing looks at grammar, style, tense, repetition, word usage and choices plus jargon.


Checking spelling, punctuation and capitalisation. Also paragraph length, sentence structure and word choices.

Substantive editing

Evaluating content from the perspective of the intended audience and its purpose. Structure, tone and flow issues are identified and corrected. Sentences may be rewritten, removed or moved elsewhere.

Can you makeover just one of my other web pages or one of my landing pages?

Content Makeover is tailored towards web writing for your key top level pages i.e. home, about or service/product/work with me. A landing page is a standalone page distinct from your main web pages and usually features a single focused objective. The makeover service doesn't give the best value for improvements to your landing page. Contact me for a tailored quote if you’d like me to review your landing or pure sales page that aims to sell a course, package or product such as an e-book.

Will the makeover help me get more web traffic?

This isn’t intended to be an SEO makeover. Your pages will certainly have more impact, will incorporate your chosen keywords naturally, be tailored to your ideal customer’s needs, be grammatically correct and structurally sound. But you'll still need to promote your website through your marketing efforts to drive traffic.

I want to invest in my content makeover to make my site more attractive to dream clients