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How to make your blog a lead nurturing magnet

lead nurturing for b2b micro businesses

A blog is one of your best lead nurturing tools

Are you making your blog your digital marketing star? You should, and here’s why:

A blog attracts new leads and starts a client’s sales journey with your company. When done well, your blog acts as a lead nurturing magnet.

Leads nurtured with targeted content increase sales opportunities by over 20% Hubspot

Imagine your super customer, that fantastic high-paying client who loves your stuff and keeps coming back, finding your blog. She loves it enough to sign up for more, shares it with her super customer friends and draws in yet more super customers… Think of the leads you can nurture.

But what if your blog isn’t drawing in the right reader or getting found in the first place? You won’t get your super customer into the sales funnel and generate that brilliant new business.

What’s stopping your blog being a lead nurturing tool?

Too many business blogs pump out content their super customers just don’t care about. The company talks about themselves and what they’ve been up to with no thought to providing anything of value. The posts come across like dull press releases. Who’s going to read that? Or any of your other content.

You need to avoid irrelevant, un-targeted content

This only results in low viewing figures and low search engine rankings. You’ll become unmotivated, think your blog isn’t worth the effort and stop using it. That would be a real shame.

This doesn’t have to be you.

If your blog isn’t getting the results you want, you can turn it around.

Knowing your ideal reader influences everything you write about

The key to a successful blog is to give useful content to your reader. And not just any reader, but your ideal reader – the one you want to nurture and get aboard your sales train.

As a smart business owner you know who you’re selling to. Yet so many businesses make the mistake of not using this knowledge when writing content.

This is true for any content you write by the way, not only your blog. If you don’t target a particular audience or person, your words won’t have impact and your lead nurturing efforts won’t work.

Here’s how to turn your blog around quickly

Decide who will read your blog. Not everyone is interested in what you have to say. The more you can pinpoint your reader – and crucially – what’s important to them, what their struggles or desires are, the clearer you’ll be when writing your posts.

Ask yourself:

  • Who is your super customer?

Sum her up in one sentence. What is her job? Her age? Is she a mum? What kind of lifestyle does she have? Does she like keeping fit?  Visiting spas? How does she relax? What social media does she use?

What does she struggle with? What problems does she have? What frustrates her?

What does she aspire to or want?

Which information can you give to make her life better?

A skincare consultant’s super customer for example may be a 35 year-old working mum who loves luxurious beauty products but has no time to use them.

Once you know who your super customer is:

  • Figure out three or four main categories that cover her main struggles or needs

Our skincare consultant might use: Quick Beauty Tips, Spa Inspiration, and Skincare Essentials

  • Come up with 4 ideas for each main category and you’ll have at least 16 targeted ideas

Our skincare consultant’s posts: 5 ways to speed up your morning beauty routine, The best products for tired skin or that help mums relax

Target your super reader with super content

Now you have the basis of a targeted blog and you can create valuable content your super reader will love.

All content from this point is laser-focused and likely to nurture those important people. Give information that helps your reader. They’ll visit your site, share with their friends (or colleagues) and come back.

One final but important step: Add a call to action at the end of your blog post too. Ask your reader to share, comment or join your newsletter.

Your super lead nurturing efforts will soon pay off when your brilliant super customer becomes a high paying client.

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