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A simple thought to help you avoid writing a pushy sales message

avoid pushy sales messages

A simple thought to help you avoid writing a pushy sales message

I haven’t always been a copywriter. For four years I wrote CVs for professionals who wanted to earn more or land their dream job. I transformed their personal marketing documents to make it easier to attract recruiters and make that important short-list.

I became skilled in mining my client’s unique skills and achievements, and positioning these nuggets of gold prominently on their CV.

And I was good at what I did, as the hundreds of positive testimonials from happy clients proved.

Bizarrely, I struggled to talk about myself on my own website.

My site has undergone so many transformations in the past 18 months I’ve lost count.

This had to stop. I needed more clarity in my key messages and I needed the confidence to shout my own unique skills from the rooftops.

I realised I had a major mind-block

Of coming across as pushy, salesy or manipulative.

But there’s something I recently learned that has been a total wake-up call. And I want you to learn from it too.

Here it is:

Selling is having the solution to someone’s specific problem and telling them about it


If you truly have a service that helps your ideal client to overcome a problem then it’s your responsibility to tell them about it.

This is not about conning people or being sneaky. It’s being honest and telling your visitor what you can do for them and what they’ll get from working with you. No sleazy sales tactics or manipulating people needed.

If you show the outcome you offer to your dream client, you don’t need to be pushy. Your unique value shines through and your client wants to work with you.

Once I saw selling from this perspective my mind-block vanished. I quickly re-wrote my site to talk about my offer– creating captivating web copy for heart-centred entrepreneurs.

And why my visitor will benefit; it’ll get them more sales from the right people through their website while saving them time and frustration.

Pushy sales be gone

I now feel comfortable telling people this message. I’m not embarrassed and I don’t feel like I’m being a sleazy sales person. In fact I feel that sense of responsibility to tell people what I do. If I don’t, they’ll never know how I can help make their lives easier.

Does thinking this way help you when writing your sales message? Does it help you overcome that pushy sales feeling? Let me know in the comments.

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