More About Sarah Norris Website Writer

Here's 3 random facts about me:

I'm a creative, imaginative but strong-willed INFJ personality type

This means I’m passionate about empowering others to help themselves without the need for personal gain. Like other INFJ's I'm not an idle dreamer - I take concrete steps to achieve goals, leaving a lasting, positive impact.

I have a degree in psychology and business

Which was great for learning about Freud’s crazy theories and knowing what value-based strategy is (yawn). But in reality I've grown my business, marketing and copywriting skills through my own business-ownership. Plus a love for learning how to relate the science of sales to everyday practice.

I’m a super multi-tasker

In my down-time I’m particularly skilled in simultaneously playing Candy Crush on my Kindle while eating cinnamon-sugar popcorn and watching The Great British Bake Off.