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5 Effective tools that make for shrewd content marketing

The best word-based content marketing tools

Strategic content marketing is hot – but which content marketing tools should you use?

Right now, shrewd marketers are looking to online content marketing tools to engage and communicate with customers. They’re moving away from using traditional methods such as print or TV.

It’s something companies of all sizes – including yours – can use. From the solopreneur to multi-nationals, the marketing playing field has been levelled. All you need to do is consistently provide valuable information.

The best bit?

The immense choice of tools to deliver your marketing content. There really is something for everyone and every type of business.

content marketing tools are vital to your b2b marketing strategy

Content marketing tools include visuals as infographics, videos and photography. Audio via podcasts. Networking and education through sponsored face to face events or webinars. Then there are the word-based tactics – anything from white papers, presentations and reports, to E-newsletters and blog posts.

All you need is an online presence. Then keep adding content regularly using one of these methods and you’re good to go.

Aren’t you?

With so much choice, it’s tricky to get the mix right. Most marketers have limited resources – staff and budgets, so you’ll want to use the most effective methods to increase your chances of a positive return.

With so many content marketing tools to choose from, which are the best?

You should aim to use the tactics most relevant to your business. If you’re a photography business, it makes sense that images will be at the top of your list. For technical companies a video or infographic shows how your product works.

But the content you should always add to your mix?

The most effective methods for achieving content marketing goals are word-based

As it turns out, many marketers, regardless of company size or industry, are using written content to get their message out there.

Written content makes up 5 of the top 6 content marketing tools according to research from the Content Marketing Institute. These are the highly effective tactics thousands of marketers use to drive sales, engage with clients and generate leads.

Be a savvy content marketer with these 5 content tactics

According to the CMI research, the top 5 content marketing tactics used by canny UK marketers which feature writing as the core component are:

1. Blog posts make for a positive return on investment

Blogging appears in the top three tactics used by smart marketers. Almost three-quarters of survey respondents cite blogging to be the most effective of all content marketing tools.

Blogs are the most effective content marketing tool

This makes sense. Research shows the benefits of business blogging including driving website traffic, lead generation and establishing authority. In fact, 79% of companies that have a blog, report a positive return on investment for inbound marketing.

To get the most return, keep your blog thriving. While you’re at it, never run out of blog post ideas again.

2. Case studies give you invaluable social proof

The rising star of content marketing strategy, used by 82% of marketers and cited as the second most effective for written marketing tactics. Based in storytelling they demonstrate how existing customers benefit from using your product or service. This offers social proof – a principle of social influence as developed by Robert Cialdini in his research for “Influence: The psychology of persuasion”.

3. Social media content to connect and get the conversation going

The most used method according to the CMI.  A whopping 94% of marketers use social media content. With a 66% effectiveness rate it’s up there with the savviest of content marketing tools.

Social media content differs from other approaches. It’s harder to get a message across in fewer words without losing the meaning but it’s fantastic for engagement.

Not sure what to say? Give links to useful resources or information. Share industry statistics. Start a conversation by asking questions. Include links and quotes from your blog posts. How about polls relating to a topic you regularly talk about? Why not host a Twitter chat? There are hundreds of options.

The best word-based content marketing tools

4. E-Newsletters: the best marketing tool for generating revenue

The second most common content tool. 59% of B2B marketers say email is the most valuable channel for generating revenue.

Over half of marketers find this method useful and here’s why:

Email newsletters are a cost-effective way to keep in touch with customers. It keeps you in the forefront of their minds so they’ll think of you when it comes to buying. Emails can be personalised, tailored and are a strong method for deepening relationships. Plus, you have ultimate control over your list – who to send and what.

5. Articles to offer topic detail and depth

The sixth most used content marketing tool according to the CMI research. But what is an article? How does it differ to a blog post?

The terms blog and article are seen as interchangeable. While there are similarities however, there are also key differences. Blog posts are lighter in tone with opinion or a conversational approach. Articles are longer, provide a comprehensive look at a topic, requiring more research, detail and depth.

Think about blog posts vs articles as ice cream vs gelato - the latter is churned at a slower rate… Click To Tweet

Which content marketing tools are you using for your content strategy?

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