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3 ways to infuse mindful marketing into your heart-centred business

3 ways for heart-centred souls to infuse mindful marketing into their business

Unless you’ve been living as a hermit on a far-flung island with no WI-FI connection, you’d be hard pressed to have missed the mindful revolution that’s happened over the past few years.

Though mindfulness is being used everywhere and critics suggest this is diluting the practice, I believe Western mindfulness is still true to its original roots.

What’s more, even if the practice is evolving and being used in different situations to what it was originally, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that. In fact, if we all took a little pause now and then to see where we are right now, and we all try to do everything with an honest intention, wouldn’t the world be a better place?

So what’s the deal with mindful marketing?

There isn’t one definition of mindful marketing yet. But there is a huge shift happening. People in their personal and business lives are becoming more open to new ways of being. And mindfulness fits the bill perfectly.


Here’s 3 ways you can infuse mindful marketing into your holistic business

1. Be honest in what you offer

Yes, you need clients (and their money) to build and grow a sustainable business. But there’s no reason to over-sell what you do and promise the earth.

Mindful marketing is about upholding the values you hold dear in an ethical way. So not being manipulative in your marketing or promising results that may not happen.

In fact, if you tell people up front what your service doesn’t do, it helps manage their expectations, shows you have integrity and builds trust.

I take care to tell people before I help rewrite or makeover their website that it’ll never be perfect.

What I do strengthens their message and tailors it to appeal to the right people. But with so many ways to say the same thing it’s easy to get caught up in a cycle of forever changing a word here or there. I know as I’ve done it myself on my own website.

Until I realised that my message was good enough, clear enough and just right for now.

So I always take the mindful route and make sure clients know this before we begin any work. Over-promises are difficult to tame once they’re released out into the wild.


2.  Be transparent about the outcome with no hidden agenda

It’s about offering a solution that respects others.

This means making sure your business or package is a good fit for someone rather than pressuring them into buying just because you need the sales.

When we’re composed, we actually listen to people. We have real conversations to see if what we’re offering is a fit for people. And if it’s not a fit, that’s okay. Marketing for hippies

If you know your service can really help someone achieve their dream or overcome a problem it will be easier for your client to say yes to working with you. And the sales process becomes easier for you too. You feel less icky when talking about the sale and money and your client gets the help they need. Win-win!

Make your outcome clear at the start of conversations

At the start of any conversation with a potential client, listen to what they want or need. Then you can tell them about the outcome they get from working with you upfront in a transparent way. If you feel you’ll be a good match it’s easier to move the conversation forward


3. Really get to know your tribe

Getting to know your customers beyond your ‘client avatar’ helps you build a deeper connection. You understand more about them and how you can truly help, and they get to know you on a personal level.

Be more conscious in your communications.

Ask questions and respond to comments online

This means asking questions in your email newsletter to give your reader the chance to speak with you, no-strings attached. And responding to all blog post and social media comments or emails.

You can get to know those people interested in your service better by listening to what they have to say.

Invite some of your followers to a talk or taster session to show what you do

Answer any questions and provide valuable information. This is a brilliant way to actually meet potential clients and find out how your service helps them at a deeper level. If you’re not a fan of talking in front of groups, perhaps you can arrange an ‘open afternoon’ with complimentary practitioners in the area kind of like a mini-trade fair for people to come along and meet you one to one.

Host a webinar or show up live on Facebook

If you can’t meet in person, hold an interactive webinar to give valuable information and ask for feedback while you’re hosting it. This is a great way to engage and understand your potential client’s struggles and desires, while seeing the language they use.

Jen Smith Social Media is a great example of making mindful connections. Through her regular webinars and Facebook Live sessions she gets to know people in her Facebook group The Visible Female Entrepreneur. The interactive element also helps build a community feeling.

Three ways for you to be more mindful in your marketing. I’d love to hear if you use any of them in your marketing efforts. Does it help make marketing and sales easier?

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